is what makes it all possible...


Employee Spotlight of the Month:

Debbie Pridmore

Meet Debbie! She has been a huge reason why Aleko's is a success!!!

Debbie has been Mark's personal assistant and loyal and faithful work wife for almost 20 years...What ever needs to be done, Debbie is always willing to jump in and help out! 

Debbie is a fun spirited wife and mother of 3 children. She enjoys working hard and playing hard. Debbie loves her friends and family and will do anything for them with out question! 

In her feee time she enjoys working out, traveling and having fun with her girlfriends on "girls night out" events. 

Her favorite food at alekos is the Michigan Cherry Salad, BBQ ribs, Lasagna and breadsticks

Thank you Debbie for all you do and who you are....We love you!!!!

Our Staff is really what makes Aleko's a family experience both in front and behind the scenes.

From the warm smiles taking your order to the friendly workers making your pizza, each employee plays an important role on our TEAM.

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