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Employee Spotlight of the Month:

Joel Katsuda

Meet Joel Katsuda

Joel has been a part of the Aleko's team since February 2017.

Joel is a junior at South Lyon High School. He has one older brother and one younger sister, a dog, cat, fish, AND turtle! Joel loves to play tennis with his high school team and during their off season, he loves to play singles. He is originally from New Hudson and has family living in Japan!

His favorite menu item is aleko's famous breadstix

His favorite part about working at Aleko's is the people he works with. When he's not at school, work, or playing tennis, he's probably watching tv or playing his favorite video game, WWE 2K18. 

Thank you JOEL for being YOU!



Our Staff is really what makes Aleko's a family experience both in front and behind the scenes.

From the warm smiles taking your order to the friendly workers making your pizza, each employee plays an important role on our TEAM.

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