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Employee Spotlight of the Month:

Connor McGee

Meet Connor McGee

Connor is the youngest of 3 boys and one sister...and more adventurous than many people will ever dream of!

Connor has worked at Aleko's for the past 5 years!!!

He has traveled extensively and enjoys his hikes the most in the Colorado Rockies. He loves giving back and helping those less fortunate...he has volunteered with us on our coat drives and is one of the most energetic team members we have on staff.

Connor enjoys spending his free time with his girl, Aubree. The two of them enjoy northern Michigan as much as possible. When he’s not working or hanging out with Aubree he’s studying and excited about moving to East Lansing to finishing his degree at MSU! 

Connor also enjoys his down time hitting the gym and staying fit. He loves tennis, water sports and much more!! 

Many people come into our lives at Aleko's, but few leave a imprint like Connor has... 

He’s a great student, employee, humanitarian and most importantly a friend!

Thanks Connor for being on the Aleko's team! 


Our Staff is really what makes Aleko's a family experience both in front and behind the scenes.

From the warm smiles taking your order to the friendly workers making your pizza, each employee plays an important role on our TEAM.

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